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Sylva, NC Primary Care, Urgent Care, and Wellness Care

Our Practice Specializes in Primary Health Care Needs

The team at Jackson Medical Associates specializes in primary health care needs. We also focus on urgent and wellness care for patients ages two and older. We are community-centered and design our practice and services specifically to meet the needs of the community we are dedicated to serving.

Jackson Medical Associates’ three areas of focus include Primary Care, Urgent Care, and Wellness Care. Our team works with each individual patient to treat the entire patient, be available when emergencies may arise, and develop long-term health plans for living a healthier life.

Jackson Medical Associates offers a wide variety of additional services to include women’s health, hormone replacement therapy, and cosmetic procedures.

The practice accepts patients throughout the lifespan beginning at age 2.

Please call 339-CARE to establish an appointment.

Our Services

Jackson Medical Associates provides primary urgent and wellness care to the Western Carolina communities and its visitors.

Primary Care

Our team is equipped to address any chronic disease management and general medical concerns for our patients. From diabetes management to improving blood pressure, our staff is trained to identify and treat your primary care needs.

Urgent Care

Life happens, and when it does, Jackson Medical Associates are here to help. A sudden sickness or an unexpected injury, we are ready to leap into action regardless of what your emergency may be.

Wellness Care

At Jackson Medical Associates, we take a proactive approach to managing your health. From weight loss management, skin care needs to include cosmetic injections and microderm abrasion or even hormone replacement therapy, we have a variety of services to not just get you healthy, but to also keep you healthy.

Why Choose Nurse Practitioners

Nurse practitioners (NPs) provide high-quality primary, acute and specialty health care services across the lifespan and in diverse settings, including patients’ homes, community-based clinics, schools, colleges, prisons, hospitals, and long-term care facilities. All NPs have advanced clinical training and competency to provide health care beyond their initial registered nurse preparation.

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Primary Care, Urgent Care, and Wellness Care

Accepts patients throughout the lifespan beginning at age 2

1188 Skyland Drive, Sylva, NC